Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent Projects: September 2010

The past few weeks have been ideal for completing many of our planned renovations and improvements.  Rainfall and temperatures have been moderate except for a couple above average days.  The sun has been shining more often.  It's been a nice month!

The renovated 5 tee continues to grow in despite a brief setback due to seedling blight on a hot day.  In general, it is looking good:

5 tee - September 27, 2010

Small patches of "damping off" of seedlings
After 5 tee, the crew began work on the forward tee on the 1st hole.  Renovating this tee required the excavation of a small drainage swale to prevent water from flowing onto the tee from the hill and cartpath.  The soil was also modified and regraded.  With these modifications, this tee should not experience the same level of scald and water damage that it did this year.

Here is the tee a day before seeding:

1st tee renovation in progress
In addition to tee renovations, the crew has been busy slit-seeding fairway spots in an effort to replace our lost annual bluegrass with bentgrass.  We have already had some success with slit-seeding this year and are hoping for even better results this round due to lower soil temperatures and, hopefully, no flooding!

Walk behind slit seeder in action

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