Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 2014

Mild temperatures have sent turf growth into overdrive early this year.  It has almost felt like September many days.  After rain early this week, it has been difficult keeping up with the bluegrass rough.  It is loving the cool soil temperatures and sunshine.  This is perfect weather for the maintenance pratices we have scheduled for the next week: topdressing, brushing, and grooming greens and tees.  In the next couple weeks, we may also aerify tees a little earlier than normal to remove some thatch and firm up the surface. 

Here is what it looks like this week:

1st Hole
#7 fairway, which had a rough winter and spring, has had a great summer:

#7 Fairway

Here is #8, a 250 yard par 4.  You can go for the green, but watch out!  That is a deep bunker right in front of the green.  Even worse -- go over the green and you roll down the hill leaving you with a very difficult wedge shot to keep it on the green.  It really is best to play it short of the bunker and stay below the hole going into the green.  Next time I play, I'll try to listen to my own advice and keep the woods in the bag!

#8 at Sugar Creek
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