Friday, April 19, 2013

Cleaning up after the flood

Pictures from April 18, 2013
Looking toward 7 green from 3 tee

The "creek" on #2

Water almost up to #8 green
The flood yesterday crested at about the same level as one we had July 24th, 2010.  The pictures are almost identical!

Pictures from April 19th, 2013

Still flooded, but much better.  We are starting the clean-up.

The 4th fairway still underwater

Flood debris!  There are several areas like this on 4 and 5

As usual after torrential rains, the bunkers will need lots of work

The creek is much lower today
The crew is busy cleaning up debris so that the course will be ready for play as soon as possible.  The clean-up has been different than usual for this flood.  It is 37 degrees and snowing here.  In April!  We are happy that the turf isn't cooking in the sun like it does for July floods.  That is the silver lining down at the maintenance shop.
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