Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 Tee Renovation Progress

Last week, the maintenance crew finished moving soil and grading 5 tee.  We seeded the tee on Wednesday, September 15th, with 'Declaration' bentgrass.  The process involved moving and grading 80 tons of material. 

The grading process went smoothly.  We used a tractor, box blade, laser level, and sand trap rake to move and compact the material to the desired grade.  Here is how it looked after grading:

On Monday morning, we already noticed significant germination.  Germination in 5 days is faster than I expected, but ideal soil tempuratures and light rainfall sped up the process. 

This photo is from Tuesday morning:

So far, the new tee is progressing nicely, but it is very fragile.  Care must be taken to keep the seedlings moist and keep traffic off the tee.  While the tee still needs a lot of time and attention, this one-week-old tee is looking good considering its age!

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