Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tree Trimming and Buckthorn Removal on #7

Now that the grass has stopped growing, it is tree trimming season again!  Last week, we started work on some trees that were resulting in some unfair tee shots on #7 and some buckthorn that was encroaching on the course from the fenceline.  A few overhanging branches were rendering the back of 7 tee almost unusable during the season.  After removal, the health of the tee will also probably improve due to increase sun exposure.

You can see from this photo that the view from the tee will be significantly improved in 2011:
7 Tee
Last winter, I wrote a post about buckthorn that answers many questions about the undesirable nature of this plant (Link to article). In addition to the ecological reasons for controling buckthorn, this fenceline in particular often resulted lost balls.  Lost balls ofen cause slow play so we began our winter buckthorn removal here.

A portion of the fence line cleared

Buckthorn along 7 fence line

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Clubhouse Service Area Project

In October, the maintenance crew installed drainage and brick pavers behind the clubhouse in an area that often turned into a mess during the summer.  We were so busy during the project that I forgot to take many photos!  I have finally pieced together some before and after shots from different cameras:

Clubhouse service entrance before the project
The "Mud Pit"
After excavation and base compaction
Finished brick pavers

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun with Google Earth

Is that a human smiley face on our putting green? Well, yes ... but not on purpose. The satellite must have snapped a photo just as the junior league was having a putting lesson this July. The availability of satellite imagery on the web is a great resource for superintendents and golfers alike. I know I like checking out other golf courses with Google Earth before I play them.  I also use Google Earth to retrieve satellite images from previous years.  These photos help us identify problem areas and changes made to the course.
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