Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Yardage Markers

Last week, the maintenance crew installed new yardage markers on the course.  The five par 4's are marked down the middle of the fairway every 25 yards from 200 yards out to 75 yards out.  We measured the center of the green back to front and left to right.  Remember that the markers go to the center of the green, not necessarily the pin location.  For pin locations, a red flag means the hole is in the front third of the green, a white flag indicates the middle third, and a blue flag means back third. 

One of our new pop-up yardage markers:

Yardage marker on the 6th hole:

We hope having more visible yardage markers every 25 yards instead of every 50 yards will make it easier to find your distance to the green and lead to more enjoyable rounds at Sugar Creek.

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  1. Kevin,

    Very nice blog. You have a great venue to keep others abreast of the goings on at Sugar Creek, Keep up the good work.


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