Friday, June 29, 2012

Drought Fire Safety

This picture is from my house -- not from the golf course.  I'm sharing it as a reminder to use caution during dry periods like the one we are experiencing, check your fire extinguishers, and be prepared.  Living in Illinois, we don't often think about outdoor fire dangers like they do in western states but it is a concern during drought periods.

After I got home from work yesterday, the electrical box in the bushes in front of my house sparked and set off a small fire.  Luckily, a neighbor saw the smoke immediately and rang my doorbell.  (Thanks, Jeff!)  It travelled this far in the less than 30 seconds it took us to grab our fire extinguishers. 

Grass fire spreads quickly

I don't know of any official bans in our area, but many counties and cities in Illinois have recently issued bans on fireworks, recreational fires, or charcoal grills.  After experiencing how fast a fire like this can spread and how hot they are, I can see why. 

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