Saturday, July 23, 2011

Course Update: July 23, 2011

The rainstorms last night dumped a lot of water on us.  We're not exactly sure of the amount because our rain gauge was knocked over.  My best guess is over 2 inches but way less than the over 6 inches falling at O'hare.  Most of the water drained off as of 7:30am.  The course has remained open so far and many groups have played.  More rain appears to be on the way, so please check with the clubhouse to be sure of the course's status (Phone #: 630-834-3325). 

Last week was very hot and humid, but the course made it through in good shape.  You will hear many superintendents say that they prefer to have it not rain when it is hot.  Too much water combined with heat leads to more severe problems than drought stress (see posts from 2010!).  Last week was a good example of why rain is not always welcome for a golf course.  Through moderate irrigation and spot watering by hand with hoses we were able to get through the week without major problems.  This amount of rain a couple days ago would have lead to severe scald, wet wilt, and probably diseases.  Hopefully it will stay cloudy today and not get too hot until it dries up a little.  It looks like we have a little cool down coming Sunday night through Tuesday which will be a welcome relief for both people and plants.

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