Sunday, October 10, 2010

#1 Red Tee Germination

The red tee on #1 started germinating and filling in this week. 

Many people have asked about the brown spots on the front of this tee.  They look like little piles of dirt deposited on the tee, and that is pretty close to what they are.  The spots are actually earthworm castings, a.k.a. worm poop.  They will not adversely affect the establishment of the tee, although they may smother small quarter-sized areas. Once the grass gets taller and starts to spread, they should become mostly invisible.  Worm castings are actually in most turf, we just rarely notice them except on extremely short turf or newly seeded areas. 

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  1. My hat goes off to Kevin Goss. He is like a salmon swimming upstream. I once gave a presentation on the use of Worm Castings to 340 supers and owners and the only questions they had for me was how do we kill worms. I did have one Superintendent (Rusty Fuller) that was interested and ordered four tons to give it a shot. Now 8 years later he is still using my pure Black Castings plus a my Vermaplex microbial soil inoculant.
    Larry Martin


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