Friday, February 19, 2010

Recent Tree Removals

Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, we had to say good-bye to two old willow trees this winter.  One was located on the 1st hole near the creek, and the other was to the left of 5 green.  The removal of these trees is one of the changes golfers may notice in 2010.

Both of these trees had so many dead branches that pruning them would not have left much.  Willows are a short lived species and these were around 30 years old.  Not a bad run for a willow.  In the picture below, you can see the galleries of tunnels caused by carpenter ants and the associated rot.  This is normal for an older willow and eventually leads to the trees total demise.

Recently, weeping willows have fallen out of favor among tree experts and landscape designers.  Some even consider them a pest themselves.  I have mixed feelings about them.  They can be very beautiful, especially around water, but they don't live long and are very messy.  I have also witnessed their ability to destroy drainage and and sewer systems even in their short lifespan. 

Left of the 5th green, the tree except for the stump is now removed:

This willow presented many problems for golfers and maintenance crew.  It often rendered the green un-puttable during the fall.  Even when the maintenance crew blew it off twice a day, the leaves would be thick again in less than an hour.  I had a sentimental attachment to it, but I'm not as sorry to see this one go.

The tree on the first hole was in a better location -- not close to a green -- but was too dead to salvage.  It was also presenting a safety problem with its large dead limbs.  After inspection, it was determined that only one of its dozen limbs was in sound health.  Golfers will get a better look at the green from the right side in 2010, but we are planning on re-planting trees in this location soon.

On the right, you can see the remains of this willow:

If you are interesting in donating a memorial tree in 2010, this would be a great location.  I have posted information on tree donations here

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