Memorial Tree Program

The gift of a Memorial Tree is a great way to commemorate a birthday or anniversary, honor a friend, or remember a loved one. Hundreds of trees and ornamentals have been planted as a living legacy at Sugar Creek. Several locations and species options are currently available.

As part of the program, golf course staff assists donors in selecting suitable tree species and location to ensure that the tree remains healthy and makes a positive contribution to the layout of the course. Not all locations are suitable for tree plantings.

The standard cost of a memorial tree with a 4 X 8 inch bronze plaque is $450. Larger plaques are available at an additional cost. Some special tree requests may also add to the standard cost.

Please contact us to begin the process of selecting your tree. To provide the best conditions for the tree to thrive, please place your order by February 1 for a spring planting and August 1 for a fall planting.

Leave a lasting legacy at Sugar Creek!

If you are interested in donating a tree, please contact the Superintendent (Click here). 

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